Here at Engineered Pressure Vessels, LLC.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we have the quality and knowledge  to meet or exceed each of your specific requirements.

Engineered Pressure Vessels, LLC. is based in San Antonio, Texas. We are a division of Alpco Industrial and are certified by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to stamp the “U” and “UM” Symbol and by The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors to stamp the “NB” and “R” Symbols.

At Engineered Pressure Vessels company, Our commitment to quality is documented in each pressure vessel we manufacture.

ASME Pressure Vessels and Tanks are our primary focus.

Storage Tanks

Our core business has focused on custom fabricated ASME Pressure Vessels and Tanks, made especially for oil, chemical, and food manufacturers in Texas and Louisiana. We provide our customers with vessels and tanks to process their products, as well as custom equipment providers who package them with a system. We work with our customers to supply exactly the ASME code pressure vessels they need.

By their general nature, ASME Pressure Vessels require expertise and knowledge to manufacture, which are keys to producing safe and long lasting pressure vessels.

Design and engineering of complete packaged/modular systems, oil-water separators, filters for gas and liquids and air tanks are part of Engineered Pressure Vessels expertise. Here at Engineered Pressure Vessels we believe that custom tailored products that meet your specific needs are “Job One”.

Our Products

Our Core Features


Design Codes

ASME   |   API   |   UL


Manufacturing Capacity

From 2 gallons up to 45,000 gallons. Vertical and Horizontal type.


Manufacturing Materials

– Carbon Steel

– Stainless Steel

– Special Alloys


Production Capacity

Weight: Up to 66,000 lbs.

Sizing: Diameter up to 14 ft.

Length: Up to 46 ft.

Thickness: Up to 2 in.




ASME Pressure Vessels

It is our responsibility to meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations, and to achieve the most cost effective and efficient solutions in all cases.